Alibaba Group

The Alibaba Group was established by Jack Ma, who founded it in 1999 with the help of $60,000 which he raised from about 80 members. Today it is the largest and best B2B business platform in the world.

About society in Israel

The company Game on H.L. Ltd. provides service to Alibaba in Israel. The company also provides all solutions and services in the fields of import, export, online trading..

company services

The company’s services include: building a business plan for new customers on Alibaba, technical help on the website, help in building a professional website under the platform, linking the website to another commercial website, help…

Helping your business

The Alibaba site is the largest site in the world for B2B commerce, which means business to business. Most of the sales on Alibaba are sales in bulk, but you can also sell individually.

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