Our Services - In Israel

Work with a Dedicated
Ecommerce Company​

  • Hebrew language support on the Alibaba Platform
  •  Registration Assistance
  • Site Functions Assistance
  • Building a Site or Professionally Setting Up a Mini Site on the Alibaba Platform
  • Tech-Support Help Desk
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Working properly with KWA

  • Linking the site to another commercial site.
  • Managing an Alibaba retail site such as TMALL \ TaoBao \ ALIEXPRESS in China

Procedural Services

  • Creating a business plan for new Alibaba sellers.
  • Assistance in trade matters with bureaucracy  in China through our Chinese Representatives
  • Assistance in trading organizations in China
  • Comprehensive assistance with all procedures related to Import and export
  • Quality Control according to the strictest Local and US quality control standards

Digital marketing and advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Sponsored Promotions on Google (Google Adwords)
  • Marketing and Advertising on Social Networks (SMM)
  • Content Marketing (Outbrain Advertising Platform)
  • Marketing and customer retention through customer club management, newsletters and SMs


  • E-commerce studies in collaboration with colleges and universities
  • Guiding large and small organizations during their transition from traditional trading to E-commerce
  • Intensive seminars for institutions and organizations
  • O2O processing consultation (Online to Offline)
  • Guidelines on how to introduce companies to the Asian market
  • Training for Social media in China
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