The Benefits of operating in
Alibaba Group

Founded in 1999, Jack Ma started the Alibaba Group with 80 friends and just $60,000. Today, it is an e-commerce trading empire, traded on NASDAQ for half a trillion dollars. It also has a number of trading platforms with different business models, larger than Amazon and eBay.

Alibaba holds close to 80% of the e-commerce market in China. Every month, about 420 million people use its online trading platforms – more than two-thirds of the number of Internet surfers in China.

Retail activity in China is responsible for 79% of Alibaba’s revenue, and the rest comes from, among other things, wholesale activity, cloud activity, international activity and more.

The Group Sites Are:

ALIBABA.COM.– The largest company in the world for online trading between businesses. This business is ranked first among its kind.

Taobao – This is the largest e-commerce market for private users in China. In terms of numbers of hits, according to Alexa ratings, it is the second largest site in China and tenth in the world.

Tmall – A complementary portal to Taobao. According to Alexa, it is the eighth largest site in China.

Juhuasuan – A group shopping site in China, launched by Taobao. In 2010 it became a subsidiary in its own right.

eTao – A price comparison site launched by Taobao and which became a company in its own right in 2010.

Alipay – A third-party payment site launched in 2004. It has the largest market share in China with about 300 million users.

Alibaba Cloud Computing – A cloud service, including e-commerce, information mining and information processing, as well as information matching services.

AliExpress – Retail Online Trading Site. Consists mainly of small Chinese businesses that offer their wares to the international consumer audience. Launched in 2010.

China Yahoo – Alibaba’s business partnership with Yahoo began  when Alibaba acquired China Yahoo in 2005.

Laiwang – Messaging software.

ChinaVision Media Group – In March 2014, Alibaba acquired a controlling stake in ChinaVision Media Group for $804 million.

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