Chen Saban -

Owner and Founder

Entrepreneur, Business Developer and Businessman – 
E-commerce Expert, Mentor and International Lecturer

Chen Saban, an esteemed entrepreneur, business developer, and businessman, is widely recognized as a leading e-commerce expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. As the Founder and Owner of the Game On Group, he has established a global reputation for his expertise and contributions to the industry.

Saban’s remarkable achievements have garnered numerous accolades, including being one of the ten recipients of the prestigious Alibaba E-commerce Business Award in 2017, a highly competitive honor bestowed upon entrepreneurs from around the world. His exceptional accomplishments also led to his selection as one of the 102 leading businessmen in the field of e-commerce. In 2022, Mr. Chen Saban was featured in the book222 Inspirational Stories,” a collection that begins with the remarkable story of Israeli President Mr. Herzog.

With a multitude of awards in the field of e-commerce, Saban stands out as the only Israeli serving as an international lecturer for Alibaba, specifically recognized under the esteemed category of GET – GLOBAL ECOMMERCE TALENT. He has been actively engaged in the computer industry since the 1990s, establishing and owning start-up and computer companies in Israel, China, and the USA. His enduring presence as an entrepreneur in the Alibaba Group, the world’s largest online trading arena valued at hundreds of billions of dollars, is a testament to his expertise and vision.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Saban also serves as a strategic consultant and business developer for leading companies in the Israeli market. His exceptional knowledge and experience have positioned him as an expert in business in the Far East, particularly in E-commerce China. Moreover, his unique perspective, derived from his profound understanding of both B2B and B2C online sales, sets him apart in the field. With his comprehensive understanding of the behaviors and preferences of both eastern and western e-commerce markets, Saban brings a distinct advantage to his endeavors.

Notably, Chen Saban’s visionary leadership extends to founding two technology startups. One of these startups focuses on AI support, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to provide innovative solutions. Additionally, he holds a prominent consulting position in a logistics finance cross-border startup that has secured a significant investment of $150 million USD.

Today, the Game On Group, under Saban’s leadership, has expanded its presence to Hong Kong, China, mainland China, the USA, Thailand, and Israel. This widespread footprint reflects the group’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for R&D, manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce sales across multiple markets.

Moreover, Saban’s visionary endeavors in the field of O2O (Offline to Online) have revolutionized the industry. Notably, through strategic collaborations with the Israel Diamond Exchange and Alibaba Group (ALIAUCTION), the Game On Group achieved an unprecedented milestone in Shanghai, China—a groundbreaking activity that seamlessly merged the online and offline trading realms. This historic initiative brought diamond sales through auctions to hundreds of thousands of online spectators, transforming the way the industry operates.

Chen Saban’s profound impact, remarkable achievements, and relentless pursuit of innovation continue to shape the e-commerce and technology sectors on a global scale. His entrepreneurial spirit, vast understanding of B2B and B2C online sales, and unique perspective derived from his comprehensive knowledge of eastern and western e-commerce behaviors make him a truly exceptional figure in the field.

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