The E-commerce Ecosystem in Israel and Worldwide

Game-on Ltd. is part of the international Game-On Group, which provides services in the field of e-commerce and promotes international online exposure to products and businesses. It is primarily active with the global Alibaba Group (, which controls approximately 70% of the e-commerce (import, export and e-commerce of products and services) through platforms on the Internet.

The company’s CEO and owner, Chen Saban, is a very successful entrepreneur who has been dabbling in e-commerce since 1999 and is a pioneer in the field in Israel.

Game On is part of a group with operations in China, Israel and the United States. Great experience in the field has created unique knowledge that enables effective handling of all parts of the e-commerce process: actual import and export to anywhere in the world, online commerce development, building suitable websites for online store activity, digital advertising and marketing.

Game On is extremely familiar with all the procedures and ways of working with companies and with the authorities in the Far East. Game On has a partnership with local Chinese company office in mainland China which allows international shipping worldwide.

The company provides professional services, consulting, business support and service solutions to any company that wants to enter the international e-commerce market with an emphasis on China.

All company representatives hold a training certificate from Alibaba Global and several years of experience in work and service with Alibaba’s platforms.

Among the company’s customers are huge companies and international brands such as the Israel Diamond Exchange, Shufersal, Hollandia, Renoir, the Philat Group and many others.

* It should be noted that the company is not a subsidiary of Alibaba and as a result cannot speak on behalf of the company and all trademarks of the Alibaba Group belong to Alibaba Global only.It should be noted that Alibaba is trademarked to the Alibaba Group.
Game On Israel Cl Ltd is a part of a group of companies, called Game On Group ,that together creates a complete business ecosystem for services such as, R&D, manufacturing, logistic solutions, business funding, shipping, and sales that are being provided with synergy between the different companies.

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