Game On During COVID-19

In early January 2020, Game On received a call for help from Alibaba to contribute to the struggle to obtain medical equipment for the Chinese people.

Over a period of several months, the Game On team visited more than 5 countries around the world and made multi-million dollar acquisitions for both the Alibaba Foundation and the Chinese government through various affiliates.

The company has managed to obtain millions of masks and tens of thousands of pieces of medical equipment such as: suits, thermometers, gloves, respirators, etc. from countries such as Turkey, USA, Israel, Finland and more.

This help was greatly appreciated by key figures in the Chinese government and of course by the Alibaba group who even looped a documentary video about the undertaking on its campus in Hangzhou China.

As the virus attacked the rest of the world, the Game On Group with its many connections both in China and around the world,  were able to provide tens of millions of medical supplies to many countries in need. The logistics department of Game On sent 3 Boeing 787 planes full with about 200 cubic meters of medical supplies to the U.S.

Despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Game-on became one of the only companies in the world capable of delivering medical supplies quickly and efficiently to any country and client who requires it. The group’s enormous capabilities were revealed to its customer base during this chaotic time in our lives.

As part of the worldwide community, the Game On Group has donated thousands of masks to residents of China and Israel as well as other essential medical equipment and supplies.

The world of e-commerce has changed because of the consequences of Covid 19 and the Game On group is at the forefront of the transition of businesses from offline to offline (O2O).

The company’s offices in China and its logistic company were among the first to return to full-time work while enjoying a period of growth during this global medical and economic crisis and, we even opened another larger branch in Shenzhen China.

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