Company Services in China

Services for companies interested in manufacturing, selling and/ or conducting trade in China

Many aspire to manufacture and sell in China – but this is very complex and requires the close monitoring and the need for in-depth knowledge of the area and the culture. Game On assists in all manufacturing, supervising and trading processes in China, based on in-depth knowledge of the market since 1999, knowledge of the language and culture of the work environment and the business platform. The activity is carried out in collaboration with ‘Global Kingdom’ and ‘SabanEtrade’, business partners and part of the Game-On Group, whose offices are in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Active since 2004 in the management of trade sites, import and export and owning manufacturing plants in pet equipment and gaming, the company has an IT department and a research and development department, consisting of 18 staff members. The collaboration has so far resulted in the rise of more than 250 Israeli companies now operating in China. WHAT ELSE DOES THE COMPANY PROVIDE?

  • Expanding sales activities to Asia under platforms such as TMALL, TAOBAO AND ALIEXPRESS
  • A One stop shop for Amazon PRIVATE LABEL Including: Manufacturing in China, product engineering, graphics, inspection, shipping and online sales

All services provided for product location and manufacturing

The product – Finding/locating the required product or recommending a product that is compatible with the customer, including the manufacturing of a product from beginning to end. (New product to meet the clients requirements from scratch).

Barcode – Printing barcode labels on the product or printing the barcode on the package according to the customer’s requirements.

Branding – Creating complete branding for the product or set of products including the perfect logo printing for OEM products.

Product design – Design and planning products on demand including graphic illustrations and engineering services where necessary.

Photography – Professional photography service provided by an experienced and professional product photographer.

Graphics – Production and editing of graphic design for packaging, including a logo and product packaging upon demand.

Pre-production 3D graphic illustrations in order to produce a visual image prior to production.

Production samples delivered according to client’s requirements.

Full or partial QC inspection when creating the final product by the supplier/factory.

Standards Institute – Products checked at a standard institute upon demand and as required.

Fully manufactured ODM products.

Consultation and Advice – Professional advice and guidance at all stages of production and recommendations based on experience for maximum results.

Alibaba supplier services

Full and open communication with suppliers and secondary suppliers.

Full sourcing service with Chinese suppliers, in Chinese, for maximum results.

Supplier reliability check.

International Standards – A full check of the manufacturer’s certification in accordance with international standards according to the specific product.

Target Prices – Full negotiation management.

Preliminary inspection of factories – Physical visits to the factory for inspection of the products themselves and comprehensive inspection of the product’s assembly line.

Full Process Inspection – The company performs a full or partial QC test on the manufacture of the final product of the supplier / factory to ensure perfect results.

Payment responsibility – Payment responsibility to the manufacturer and total protection of the client’s full interests according to the agreement signed between the parties.

Deadline Schedule – Working with suppliers/factories according to their local time + communication with the client according to their local time.

Fulfillment of the final product vision – The company provides for the involvement of other professionals (experts in a particular field) in order to complete the finished product according to the client’s vision and requests.

Packing and shipping services

Perform a full inspection of the manufacturer’s packaging and if necessary repacking, prior to shipping and according to Amazon’s dimensions and rules. Creating a bundle or combining products in a set and repacking them if needed. Packaging Design – Design and planning, including full graphics for final shipment. New Packaging – Manufacture of the packaging and packing the product for final shipment. Boxes – Planning and design of the boxes for delivery, including packaging according to shipping laws as required. Label Production – Graphic design and printing address labels for delivery on the boxes for final shipment. Communication – Preparation of the paperwork for delivery in the local language as required. Shipping – Dealing with the shipping/shipping companies and checking/tracking the location of the shipment. Obtaining the lowest price for the client. Warehouses – Delivery of products from the factory to the company’s warehouse for storage to await shipment. Streamlining space and reducing shipping costs by consolidating products or samples into one shipment. Advice on taxation, shipping, permits and paperwork up to the final destination.

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