Business Study Delegation to Alibaba Campus in China

Is the delegation right for me?

The study delegation to the Alibaba Campus in China is suitable for several
types of interested parties such as:

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in the e-commerce network or are already trading in it on various platforms (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others)


  • Small and medium-sized businesses that are engaged in importing or are familiar with certain market areas and are interested in exploring the possibility of promoting and selling their products through the world’s largest network.


  • Holders of positions in manufacturing and commercial companies of all types and sizes, who are interested in carrying out actual exports through Alibaba, in a short time and in an efficient way while greatly saving on bureaucracy and expenses.

Business Study Delegation to Alibaba
Campus in China

  • Entrepreneurs of all kinds, who want to explore the possibility of manufacturing in China and selling in China and around the world.

  • E-commerce merchants who want to get a one-time opportunity and accessibility to the world leader in this field.

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