3D Rendering for Amazon FBA Product Listing

3D Rendering for Amazon FBA Product Listing

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3D Rendering or Product Photography –
Which one is better for Your Amazon Listing


As an Amazon seller, you are probably aware of the importance of good photos and videos on your listing performance and sales.

When we think about strategies for improving our CTR or our Conversion Rate, the first thing we usually decide to do is to change our images and video. We perform A/B testing and check if a different Main Image, Product video, Infographic in the listing will improve our KPIs.

So far, sellers have been using the conventional product photography. However, a new option for creating engaging photos & videos has arrived – 3D Rendering, and some of you are probably wondering ‘what are the differences between the two and which way is best for me?’   

Let’s try to figure it out together.

What is 3D Rendering and is it better than conventional photography?

3D Rendering is a computerized process, on virtual models, in which images or 3D simulation videos are created.
In this process, the geometry of the product, lighting, shadows, texture, transparency and other various parameters are taken into consideration, in order to achieve a coherent, realistic, high – quality image.  

3D Rendering VS. Conventional Photography

Saving Time & Money – 3D rendering doesn’t require the product itself. The whole process is performed using a computer and a unique graphic software, so there is no need to order number of product’s samples for the photoshoots.

There is no need to take pictures, so you don’t have to pay for photographer, a graphic designer, extra payments for models, outdoor photoshoots, or special venue.

The waiting time for the complete photo serios or the video is much shorter because the whole creation process and the number of service providers along the way has shortened.
You don’t need to send a sample wait for it to arrive to the desired destination, then wait for the photographer to finish his part, and then wait again for the graphic designer to complete his work.

Image Quality & Competitive Advantage – The product rendering looks more realistic and sharper than in ordinary photography. Thus, the images will set you apart from your competitors.

Where do I start?

Currently, there are not many companies that offer a 3d rendering service which is tailored made to the Amazon sellers’ community, but a short google search or a recommendation from a friend will provide you with some results to compare.

Important key points to check
before you decide on the service provider you are going to work with

1.     What the offer includes?
The number of photos and videos you will receive, the images’ style (atmosphere, usage, product’s specification, etc.), A/B testing for main image, the type of video (product video, advertising, branding).

2.     What is the workflow?
When you are creating images and product’s video, the quality of the file is not the only important thing. You must consider the message you wish to send to your audience, through those images.   
It is crucial the design of the images will set you apart from your competitors. The design needs to meet your clients’ needs, and present solutions to their pain points. This way you will get beautiful photos and videos that are also converting.  

Therefore, it is important to know in advance, whether your service provider can help you characterize your product, conduct competitors research, etc.

3.     Does the service provider familiar with your field of activity?
It is important that the person who makes your images will know the right dimensions for your content and the general media atmosphere of where it will be published, so that your media content will have ideal appearance on your page, and on any device that the customer will use.

Your 3D rendering company / person should also be familiar with all relevant rules & regulations of the eCommerce platform that you are operating on.
On Amazon, for example, if you display on your listing, an image that doesn’t meet the platform’s TOS, you are endangering your listing with suspension.

4.     Time – how long will it takes to complete the work

5.     Service – What happens if you didn’t like the design? Or if you wish to make some changes?

6.     Finally… Price – the prices range on the market goes around
 $1000 – $ 2000.
The price varies due to the quality of work, experience, the number of products you have, the graphic design, the number of photos and videos you wish to create (one video or a set of photos per list, for EBC/A+, maybe you want content for a website, and so on).  


At Game On Group, we are also offer 3D Rendering service

Bring your product to life with our 3D Rendering images and videos

Our prices are surprising and not like the prices on the market.
Our service includes analysis and feasibility testing, simulation of the product at different angels, characterization of the product, designing based on market and competitors research we perform, infographic, revises and modifications to your satisfaction.  

We welcome you to schedule a free consultation with us, and we will quote you with an offer that best suits your needs.

3D Rendering Product Video by GameOn Group

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